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Did you ever hear the song Tiger Woods? Part of it tells the saucy tale of a gentleman who reaches the peak of his life (going down on Madonna) and then after that everything goes downhill. The other talks of needing big balls to talk to girls.

With JJ directing The Force Awakens this is his big balls moment. He’s about to win the equivalent of every golf tournament there is at the same time with one movie. He’s about to do the equivalent of getting an at-the-peak-of-her-fame Madonna into bed for the night.

If he pulls the movie off, off course. Other wise he’s possibly just trashed what was an already stellar name in Hollywood.

This is one of the more ballsy 'yes!' answers in recent Hollywood times. More ballsy than Sony allowing Spider Man to turn up in the Marvel films, more ballsy than the guy that said yes to Peter Jackson making Lord of the Rings and more ballsy than Ben Affleck agreeing to take on the roll of Batman.

Because if The Force Awakens isn’t even half way good every fan boy will lay the blame squarely at JJ’s feet. No one will take him seriously again (well people may still but it might be in the same way that some Star Wars fans both love and hate George Lucas at the same time). Every time he does another movie or show the whispers will follow, "that's the second guy who ruined Star Wars".

As with most things in life, with risk can come reward.

Should JJ pull off this reboot, his place in Hollywood history will be assured. If we think of how revered Irvine Kershner is for his directorial effort with The Empire Strikes Back, one can only wonder in this modern age of information and opinion sharing how long the shadow the name JJ Abrams will draw.

People will whisper to their children, "that's the guy who saved Star War"

And who wouldn't want to be that guy.


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