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Can you share some of your memories regarding the time you worked on The Phantom Menace

I mainly remember it being so much nicer than working on Lost in Space, which was frenetic and noisy! Also, on the children's television series I had just finished, I was the puppet co-coordinator and performer of the main character. So turning up and just having to put my hand in a puppet and then at the end of the day go home without any other responsibilities was great! 

How did George Lucas direct you? And what impression did he make on you? 

The scene was about the young Anakin, so the rest of us just had to react to what was being said by the other characters. George Lucas was more concerned with directing Liam Neeson, Ewan Macgregor, Samuel L. Jackson and young Jake Lloyd. We all knew that when there is a young actor on set, with so many distractions, everyone keeps noise down to an absolute minimum. 
Yaddle had no dialogue, so it was just a matter of looks and nods at the right moment. 

Did any strange, weird or remarkable things happen during the making of the movie? 

Not so much weird or remarkable, but fun. When I had to go back a few weeks later to do close-ups, Some of the creature crew, many of whom I had worked with on various projects with the Jim Henson Company amongst others, decided to make me sit in my very own trailer, basically a very old beat up caravan with a grubby sign scrawled with my name taped to the door. Also, instead of walking to the set when I was needed, they sent along a runner in a golf cart, so I could arrive on set in style. 

How do you look back at your part in The Phantom Menace? With pride? Or was it just a job for you? 

One of the nicest things about working on The Phantom Menace is the interest it has generated. In all my years in the business it was one of the easiest jobs and one of the nicest. 
Because of it I have been invited to signings and have met some really wonderful people, so I am obviously very grateful for that. 

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